Corporate Etiquette Programs

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to differentiate themselves. Now more than ever it is expected that current employees and new recruits are proficient and polished and know how to conduct themselves correctly. Beverly Hills Manners corporate programs educates personnel on developing positive, powerful social tools that will produce long term results and help them to realize their career goals. Each dynamic session described below examines the rules – both written and unwritten - in easily digestible portions by incorporating Power Point presentations, interactive instruction, and role-playing exercises. Modules are highly interactive with lively Q&A discussions and presented in a 60 or 90 minute slot or during a Lunch & Learn session. This approach is suitable for groups of 15 to 200, at any level of expertise. Upon completion, participants experience an enhanced sense of awareness allowing them to interact both personally and professionally at the highest level of engagement with colleagues, clients and co-workers. Contact us at [email protected] for more information on presentations and pricing.


  • We Are All Constantly Being Observed
  • First Impressions, Lasting Impact
  • Fake It Until You Make It
  • Pay Attention to Posture
  • Look the Part or Someone Else Will Get It
  • Body Language Needs No Translation App
  • Elocution and The Art of Speaking
  • Be Easy on the Ears
  • Managing Mannerisms
  • Smile, You’re on Camera!

Course Objectives
  • Understand the new landscape we live in
  • Learn how to harness the power of words
  • Gain ownership and responsibility over actions
  • Boost awareness level to become a more mindful you
  • Presenting a Polished Look
  • Professional Conduct In & Around the Office
  • Confident Business Introductions
  • Handshaking—The Ultimate Greeting
  • Business Card Protocol & Exchange
  • Proper Use of the Telephone in a Business Environment
  • Appropriate Managing of Technologies
  • Business Email Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts
  • Your Online vs. Offline Profile
  • Professional Thank You Notes

Course Objectives
  • Bring civility into the workplace
  • Project a professional image
  • Promote an environment of communication and collaboration
  • Strengthen positive relationships with clients, colleagues, and co-workers
  • Entering the Room with Poise
  • Noticing Nonverbal Communication
  • Positive vs. Negative Body Language
  • Personal Space & Touching
  • Conversation Starters
  • Listening Skills & Interrupting
  • Remembering Names
  • Exchanging Contact Information
  • How to Gracefully Exit
  • Networking Follow-Up

Course Objectives
  • Attend business functions with confidence
  • Read subtle social cues and micro expressions
  • Improve listening skills and how to stay present
  • Learn how to gracefully deal with conflicts, compliments and criticism
  • Business Entertaining
  • Extending & Accepting an Invitation
  • Taking Your Seat
  • Posture at the Table
  • Napkin Placement & Usage
  • The Three “B’s” of Toasting
  • Styles of Eating (American, Continental & Asian)
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Resting & Finished Positions
  • World Class Do’s and Don’ts
  • Eating Various Foods
  • Excusing Yourself
  • Handling the Bill & Gratuities
  • Discussing Business
  • Exiting
  • Personal Note Follow Up

Course Objectives
  • Become proficient at the table
  • Feel comfortable and self-assured in business social dining situations
  • Understand the meaning and significance of sharing a meal
  • Develop relationships and build trust with clients, employers and co-workers
  • A Word About Privacy
  • Online vs. Offline Behavior
  • Minding Your Mobile Manners
  • Texting & Subtexting
  • Old-Fashioned Email Etiquette
  • Navigating Unsocial Media
  • What to Post
  • FOMO
  • How to Handle the Haters

Course Objectives
  • Use these tools wisely to enhance your life, not enslave it
  • Successfully manage your digital footprint
  • Catch permanent mistakes before they happen
  • Handle unfortunate accidents with grace
  • The New Three “R’s”
  • Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Managing of Gestures
  • Respectful Introductions
  • Rank & Status Awareness
  • Titles & Forms of Address
  • Eye Signals & Eye Contact
  • Global Communication Styles
  • Global Conversation Skills
  • Business Customs and Terminology
  • Gift Giving Protocol
  • Strategic Do’s & Don’ts

Course Objectives
  • Improve communicating, negotiating and socializing in the global marketplace
  • Learn strategies for competing in the global economy
  • Achieve mental flexibility and strengthened awareness
  • Learn protocol and personal diplomacy to tip the scales in your favor