Lifestyle and manners expert Lisa Gaché has carved out a niche in the etiquette world as the founder of Beverly Hills Manners. She provides practical solutions for modern day living to improve social skills and enhance lives. Please visit Lisa's blog or download her free app for etiquette tips in the following categories.


Lisa has the ability to coach and comment on virtually any aspect of daily living and how to have more success in life. She has provided this valuable expertise to a number of high profile brands, including Mattel; Tiffany & Co.; American Girl; Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic; Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel; the Montage Hotel (Beverly Hills); and the Hotel Bel-Air, as well as Oscar®-winning celebrities. Whether it is how to navigate day-to-day challenges that are encountered with friends, family and colleagues or how to be a more gracious host, Lisa is ready to help others tackle the trickiest and stickiest of situations.


When it comes to red carpet manners, Lisa is the go-to etiquette expert for celebrities and media alike. She has coached Oscar winners, rock stars and the children of A-listers. She has a passion for paying attention to what is "Beneath the Sheath." Everyone talks about what the stars are wearing on the red carpet, but Lisa sees their behavior and talks about what they are actually doing. She writes her annual Best & Worst Manners lists at the end of each calendar year, highlighting the celebrity moments that we will all remember--but sometimes wish we could forget.


Lisa is a regular contributor to many media outlets for her expertise in parenting etiquette, and in particular, she specializes in teaching the art of "child wrangling." Her background was working as a baby concierge (think Rosie Pope), and she was inspired to take things to the next level when she had her own two girls. Beverly Hills Manners runs the annual “Let’s Dance!” Cotillion Series, designed to meet the modern needs of children by teaching them the social and communication skills necessary to present themselves confidently in an increasingly competitive society. Lisa donates her time providing etiquette instruction to non-profit organizations and local schools for their fundraising efforts. She also created a pilot etiquette program for the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and an annual program for HYPE Los Angeles, providing tools to low-income students. She is a host committee member for P.S. Arts and has worked with other charities including Healthy Child, Healthy World and Aviva Family and Children’s Services.