In others’ words...

"Thank you for your invaluable mentorship and guidance on Tuesday. The staff took away so much from the etiquette workshop. You brought to light so many of our daily oversights. You are amazing at what you do and we are grateful you took the time to meet with us. We look forward to future opportunities to work with you again."
the soho house, west hollywood

"We are a full service public relations, social media and event planning agency based in Toronto, Canada. We retained Lisa Gaché to act as spokesperson for a Canadian retail client that we represent. Lisa was extremely professional in preparation leading up to the campaign and provided valuable insight and expertise. On the day of our event, she was exceptionally comfortable speaking with editors and a natural in front of the camera, communicating key messages and representing our client effectively. We would highly recommend Lisa for corporate partnerships and media opportunities."
audrey hyams romoff, owner, overcat communications, toronto based national pr agency

"My staff really enjoyed the course and are still talking about it. I appreciate all you have done to help me in making Dirty Blonde Beauty Bar a smashing success! In conversation, I shared with Aromatherapy Associates London your course with our staff. I raved about your services, your custom courses, website – basically all you did for us in helping guide and educate our staff towards becoming "world class service providers!" She was so intrigued she asked for your information. I happily shared it. You may be hearing from her in the near future."
sascha alonso-brilliant, founder, dirty blonde beauty bar

"Once again, our students had a wonderful time attending your manners course and the lessons from the day have stuck with them throughout the year. I am happy to report that we have continued 100% success rate of private school acceptances for our HYPE students. I know all of our students confidently walk into their interviews with a ready handshake and positive demeanor due largely to their training from your class. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!
rachel torrey, director of curriculum, hype los angeles

"I just wanted to share with you what happened this last weekend when the mother of Theodore’s friend dropped him off after a sleep over. The mother went on and on about what a little gentleman Theodore was at their home. She said, "He sat up straight at the dinner table, used his utensils like an adult and said, "please" and "thank you" all the time. She was so impressed. As his mother, it was one of my happiest moments. Thank you for teaching manners and etiquette in a world that is quickly forgetting them. I wish more parents knew about cotillion and how important it is for this young generation. Thank you for partnering with families to teach children the importance of manners to live a more gracious and thoughtful life."
nancy demetriades, mother of five

"What a fun evening. I think your teaching really inspires kids to rise to the occasion!"
lisa margulis, parent, the oaks school

"My daughter Emeline, attended your ‘Stand Out Interviews’ class months ago and really enjoyed it. She did a great job on her interviews in part, we believe, because of your class. We wanted to let you know that she got accepted to Polytechnic, Marlborough and Westridge, and will attend Westridge in the fall. Thank you again for your great class."
rebecca singband, parent