It was the year that popularized two
new controversial words in our modern day vocabulary.  Thanks to Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s
in September, we spent the last quarter inundated with images of full squat grinding,
otherwise known as twerking.  And, it’s hard to imagine how any of us made
it through the day without chronicling our every action with a photographed selfie taken on our smart phone.  Yes, twenty-thirteen didn’t exactly change
the direction the currents were already flowing in.  On the contrary, it just further validated
our humiliating reign as vulgar Americans. 
An article in a recent issue of the Wall
Street Journal
proposed that we’ve gone so far off the grid our crudeness has
become almost commonplace. We are hardly surprised when a rude act is committed
or a public figure experiences yet another fall from grace.  We’ve become numb, desensitized.  Forget blurred lines, how about blurred
boundaries? There is no differentiation between private and public life
anymore.  The NSA and social media made
sure of it.  We are all living under one
mega-sized microscope and every action, thought, photograph and post is memorialized
for the masses to dissect and discuss.  We can only hope that 2014 brings about dramatic change. 
In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what transpired these last
twelve months as we review our best and worst manners moments of 2013. 
Model Behavior & Meltdowns

Best: Jennifer
Lawrence. Not only is this 23 year old box office darling grounded, but she is
transparent and handles herself with age appropriate grace.  A prime example of her humor and authenticity shown brightly at the Oscars when the star accidentally tripped on her gown as she ascended the staircase to receive her award. Instead of ignoring the unfortunate incident, she picked herself up, smiled and poked self-deprecating fun endearing everyone in the audience. 

Worst: Justin
Beiber. This teenage heartthrob lost his title this year with a series of
offenses that landed him a bucket load of bad press from urinating in a mop
bucket to underage drinking, attending brothels and even defaming the sign-in
book at Anne Frank’s home. Miley Cyrus also tried desperately to shun her squeaky
clean Disney shine with a sequence of stunts laden with sexuality.  Her now infamous duet with Robin Thicke at
the MTV VMA’s will go down in history as a turning point for the singer both
for the dramatic change in her image, as well as for introducing the masses to
Royalty vs Duck Dynasty

Best: Our nod goes
to the British, both the Royal Couple and the fictional cast of Downton Abbey.  The world watched once again as Kate
Middleton and Prince William
introduced a perfect Prince George of
Cambridge to the world over the summer continuing to ingratiate everyone with
their natural charm and ease. The cast of “Downton Abbey” also gets our vote
for their impeccable demeanor both onscreen and off.

Worst: Duck Dynasty.
They may be the most watched reality show on television with $400 million in
merchandising sales, but that may soon change if patriarch and star
Phil Robertson doesn’t watch himself. He landed the
family in hot water, and even caused A&E to temporarily suspend him from
filming, after learning of his personal and insensitive views on teenage
marriage and homosexuality. 
Class Figures or World Class Embarrassment

Best: We must honor
Nelson Mandela, who recently passed, as one of
the most powerful and influential world leaders who endured 27 years in prison for his
unwavering dedication to integration and inclusion.  He achieved the highest level of decency and
humility that may never be matched.
Pope Francis also gets our vote this
year as the new pope who is of the people, by the people and for the
people.  He has been embraced for his ability
to accept and assimilate, whether it’s riding the bus, posting a tweet or
taking a selfie.  He has also been lauded for softening his tone on sex and abortion and for supporting gays.  He wants the church to return to its roots of being less judgmental and more

Worst: Other public
figures caused unfortunate world class embarrassment to their respective countries.
Formerly disgraced U.S. Representative, Anthony
Weiner, attempted an honest comeback as mayor of New York only to find himself
embroiled in even more scandal that resulted in a tumultuous and ultimately
losing campaign. In another shameful incident, 
Toronto’s controversial Mayor Rob Ford, was caught
on video smoking crack cocaine and admitting to a habit of drunken stupors.  Amazingly, he has officially submitted his
name on the ballot to run for another term. 
Hosting Milestones & Mistakes

Best: Good Morning
America beloved co-anchor, Robin Roberts, garners a spot on our list for not
only returning to the job she holds dear with a bright smile and a complete recovery,
but for also bravely deciding to come out on Facebook at the end of the year to
thank her supporters and especially her longtime girlfriend, Amber.

Worst: Southern
cooking former star, Paula Deen, had one of the worst years of her career when
it was revealed she made racists remarks during a deposition. Rather than speak
truthfully, Deen irreparably tried to cover up her wrongdoing and then further buried
herself in an unfortunate interview on the Today Show that wound up stripping her of all ties with the Food Network, Wal-Mart
and Target stores.