“Modern Manners for Today’s Teens” 4-Part Series

“Our daughter was really resistant to taking your class, but when we picked her up it was as if a fog had lifted. She was smiling and pleasant.  You miraculously instilled a bit of confidence in areas where she was sorely lacking.  We can’t wait to sign up for more classes.”

“As a mother of two boys, ages 9 and 10, I work hard to stress the importance of manners to my children. While searching for a program to refine these skills, I came across Lisa and Beverly Hills Manners. Telling my boys that they were headed to a “manners bootcamp,” was met with the resistance that any mother of young boys might imagine. However, they left their first session with big smiles, having had fun and met new friends! I was very impressed how much they retained after just one session! Lisa’s style of teaching is a modern take on old fashioned manners; proper but not stuffy. Her approach is youthful and evolved, yet still produces results that would gain the stamp of approval from grandparents. She has a lovely sense of humor, makes things fun and engaging, all the while teaching traditional etiquette. We have participated in her summertime “Manners Bootcamp,” Cotillion program, Virtual Dining Etiquette dinners, and individual instruction cultivating mature conversational skills for our children. Our experience with Lisa of Beverly Hills manners has been wonderful!


Set Your Teen Up for Social Success!

Adolescence is rife with growing pains. How to feel comfortable and confident while they’re still discovering who they are and how they want to show up in the world can feel daunting.  And, technology doesn’t make it any easier.  We’re here to help. “Modern Manners for Today’s Teens” gets right to the root and addresses the power of social intelligence, manners, and etiquette as the core to connection and social success.  Held at the iconic Hotel Bel Air, over the 4-part series we’ll unpack such timeless topics as why it matters to make a good first impression and how to start a conversation with anyone, while also taking an in-depth look at the impact digital technology has on their everyday actions and behavior.  Real-life examples and interactive exercises are incorporated into this comprehensive program to drive the point home.  The course concludes with a beautiful multi-course formal luncheon at the hotel restaurant. For teens ages 13 thru 18.

Here’s a taste of what they’ll learn:

  • How to Make a Positive and Lasting Impression 
  • How to Communicate Respectfully Both In-Person and Online
  • How to Ease Social Anxiety and Master the Art of Conversation
  • How to Ace an Interview for School or Employment
  • How to Navigate a Table and Display Dining Decorum

12:30pm to 2:00pm |Saturdays: May 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th, 2023 | A Formal Lunch Concludes the Series

Private Coaching

For those who seek a personal, private learning environment

Get in touch with Lisa to talk about options for private, one-on-one coaching for your teen (or for your teen and a group of their peers).

Lisa can create a personalized plan to help get your teen ready for literally anything — from school interviews and summer jobs to attending parties and prom!

Private coaching sessions are offered both online and in-person.

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Social Intelligence Right from the Start

Lisa’s programs provide teens with the social intelligence to feel comfortable and confident in every situation. By acquiring and practicing these indispensable life tools, students learn to tune in — experiencing improved awareness of themselves and their surroundings, strengthening relationships with family and peers, and increasing their self‑esteem both at home and at school.”

“The students I spoke with couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed the evening and how much they enjoyed having a professional like you come to campus to share your knowledge. Phenomenal as always!”

Ashley D.

California Lutheran University

“My daughter attended your ‘Standout Interviews’ class and really enjoyed it. She did a great job on her interviews in part, we believe, because of your class, and got accepted to Polytechnic, Marlborough, and Harvard-Westlake, where she will attend in the fall. Thank you again for your great class.”

Rebecca S.


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Book a Session or Ask a Question?

Please do not hesitate to contact Lisa by phone at 310.276.9078.