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Professional Etiquette Training Customized to Fit Your Company’s Needs

Become part of the growing cohort of companies prioritizing fundamental training for their organizations in 2024. Empower your teams, interns, and new hires to radiate professionalism, proficiency, and poise.

Beyond the simple niceties of “please” and “thank you,” professional etiquette training now garners recognition for its significant impact. No longer brushed off as mere pleasantries, they’re acknowledged as crucial, granting organizations a competitive edge. By refining client relationships, boosting productivity, upholding a positive brand image, and mitigating legal risks, they directly shape the company’s bottom line.

In an era dominated by technology and dwindling face-to-face interactions, investing in these interpersonal skills isn’t just wise—it’s imperative for enhancing your company’s standing and success.

As our communication landscape undergoes rapid transformation, there’s never been a more opportune time to enlist an external expert to deliver customized professional etiquette training tailored to your business or brand.

  • 1-Hour Bite-Size Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • 3-Hour Immersive Formal Dining Experiences
  • Select Half-Day, Full-Day, or Multi-Day Workshops
  • Individual Coaching  for New Hires, Promotions & Important Events
  • Keynote Presentations & Speaking Engagements

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“Highly recommended! While Lisa’s dining etiquette class meets virtually, it is live, interactive, and engaging. At times I forgot we weren’t all in the same room — which was a wonderful feeling during a pandemic. The course is a great value and I learned and retained a lot. The most enjoyable aspect is Lisa herself. I never felt judged by her when I was trying to use proper etiquette. Lisa’s ethos, which she models consistently, is that manners is about making others feel comfortable, which is such an important message right now. How we behave impacts others — even at the dinner table — and it’s so important to be welcoming, respectful, and to show up for our fellow humans, even if it’s virtually.”

I highly recommend Lisa Gache?s online dining etiquette course for adults. First off- online course is a bit of a misnomer- while the class meets virtually, it is live, interactive and engaging. Lisa keeps the classes to a nice size so that everyone can participate and at the times I forgot that we weren?t all in the same room- which was a wonderful feeling during a pandemic. My one question going into the class was how much of the actual knife and fork handling skills we?d be able to master virtually when Lisa wasn?t physically with us to correct us and it worked out wonderfully. The course is a great value and I learned and retained a lot. Lisa uses a conversational but structured style with visual aids and also provides physical demonstrations of technique which really worked to help me internalize the information we were learning. We went through techniques for eating different kinds of foods, how to dine in different situations, toasting, and even protocols to put in place in a post-covid world. I continued to learn more and more as the course went on and would take it again to be able to continue to practice. The amount of information there is to learn is endless and fascinating and Lisa give engaging and easy to understand explanations about both how to do things and why we do them a certain way. When I told people I was taking the class they asked if I would judge them on their etiquette the next time we met in person and the answer is NO- which leads me to the most important aspect of Lisa?s course that I enjoyed which was Lisa herself. I?ve met with her in person once and in the course and I have never felt judged by her when I was trying to use proper etiquette. Lisa?s ethos, which she models consistently, is that dining is about making others feel comfortable- which is such an important message to hear during a pandemic and the unrest going on in our country. How we behave impacts others- even how we behave at the dinner table and it?s so important to be welcoming, respectful and show up for our fellow humans- even if it?s virtually. I highly recommend Lisa?s class for the value, the information I learned and how enjoyable it was.
Julia S.

Amazon Studios

"Our friends could not stop thanking us. You made learning easy and fun. These skills are essential at any age!"

Bridget & Trent W.

Owner, Dirty Blonde Beauty Bar

“The team LOVED you!”

Kamie S.

Senior Regional Manager, Burberry Private Clients

“Several colleagues said they learned something new, including those who had formal etiquette training! I am so thrilled we included you in our client training program.”

Clark K.

Vice President, Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

“Thank you for your invaluable mentorship and guidance. The staff took away so much from the etiquette workshop. You brought to light so many of our daily oversights. You are amazing at what you do and we look forward to working with you again.”

Opal J.

Food & Beverage Manager, SohoHouse West Hollywood

“Lisa was extremely professional and provided valuable insight and expertise. She was exceptionally comfortable speaking with editors and a natural in front of the camera, communicating key messages and representing our client effectively. We would highly recommend Lisa for corporate partnerships and media opportunities.”

Audrey R.

Owner, Overcat Communications, Toronto