1. Interviews: An interview is an opportunity to set the record straight and highlight your attributes. Be an open book and offer more than one word, snide remarks.

2. Empathy: People are always hiding behind something and sometimes they over-compensate for it. Don’t make fun of a man with a wooden leg.

3. Truthfulness: Transparency is key in business. Bribery and fighting over a holiday ham may not be the best way to increase an advertising budget.

4. Decency: Housekeepers put in a long day too. Have the decency to thank them for making dinner and cleaning your home.

5. Graciousness: An invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at a colleague’s home is a lovely gesture and it is polite to accept the invitation.

6. Consideration: Regardless if your mother shoves sweet potatoes down your throat, try not to gag and spit them out at the Thanksgiving table.

7. Self-Control: Cutting back on the chain smoking and scotch drinking may be a good idea, especially in front of the kids.

8. Role-Modeling: Kids count on their parents. Be a good role-model and return home on time to tuck your young children into bed.

9. Good Sportsmanship: Be a team player. Don’t throw a tantrum and kick potential clients out of your office when a meeting doesn’t go your way.

10. Modesty: Find the middle ground. There is a happy medium between refusing to talk about yourself and bragging about yourself.