Ask anyone their biggest manners pet peeve and one of their top three responses is likely to be poor cell phone etiquette. Rude cell phone behavior is spreading like wildfire and no one is immune to the offense. Friends and families, singles and marrieds, professionals and parents, whether in public or private, everyone is placing calls and accepting calls in the presence of others and it is getting pretty annoying!

We are so consumed with this 24/7 existence where everything must be responded to immediately and acted on right away that we have forgotten how to just relax and be present for one another. Don’t get me wrong, this is not easy and I am certainly guilty of abusing the cell phone every now and again. What I do try to do, however, is instill the following tips so that if I must place or take a call, I will have made sure to smooth out any ruffled feathers in advance and hopefully avoid offending others.

Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

1. Turn your cell phone off. At the very least, place your phone on vibration mode before meeting others so that you may be fully present to your situation.

2. Communication is key. Communicate in advance if you know you will be receiving an important call. This will put others at ease rather than aggravate them.

3. Never place your cell phone on the table in plain sight. Simply place your phone in your lap so that you may glance down to view the caller if need be.

4. If you receive your important call, politely excuse yourself and conduct your conversation in private.

5. Speak softly so that you do not disturb those around you.

Do you know someone who is in major need of cell phone abuser’s anonymous? Send them my way and I’ll set them straight. A few quick tips and they’ll understand how they can still stay in touch without upsetting those around them.