Once daylight savings kicks in and the days grow shorter, singletons start looking for ways to couple up for cuffing season.  With temperatures dropping rapidly in most parts of the country, images of snuggling by a crackling fire, sharing a romantic dinner or holding hands during a holiday movie drive the desire to connect on a visceral level this time of year.  Individuals, normally consumed by hard work and play, start texting potential partners with inquiries to cuddle up and binge-watch favorite television shows or meet at a local hangout for an intimate nightcap.  
(Hand)cuffing season begins just before Halloween and continues through New Year’s, but typically arrives with an expiration date well before Valentine’s Day. As the air grows colder, the courtship period heats up coming to a full sizzle in December and then fizzling out sometime in mid-January. So if you’re looking for a blizzard buddy that will keep you sane at the family Thanksgiving dinner and toast you with champagne at your BFF’s New Year’s Eve bash, but then set you free before Super Bowl, here are five surefire ways to land a companion for cuffing season. Let the games begin!

1. Turn on the Attractive Behavior.  Put yourself in the most favorable light to attract the ideal mate. Spend a little extra time sprucing up your appearance. Flash an endless smile, it is the ultimate invitation. Convey confidence with good posture. Be an expert conversationalist by showing interest and asking lots of questions. When the floor is yours, be equally interesting, but modest.
2 Possess an Attitude of Gratitude.  Be grateful for any gracious gesture whether large or small.  It may come in the form of an offer to an elegant dinner, a winter getaway or a holiday office party, all invitations are welcome and you are game for anything.  Always say thank you and reciprocate with a note of appreciation or similar sign of gratitude.

3. Keep the Mystique Going.  Beware of revealing too much.  You may want to keep your deep hatred for your mother under wraps. No temporary companion wants to deal with a head case.  Too much drama will send them running for the hills and there isn’t enough time for couples therapy.  Maintain the mystique by keeping communication light and breezy at all times.  You can still be intelligent and deep without exposing your veins.

4. Create Connection, Not Friction.  Seek contentment in connecting and avoid getting agitated or resentful.  Don’t let yourself go there.  So what if your partner wants to sit around in their sweatpants on Sunday when you’d rather be musing at the museum?  Save that activity for your artsy friend and curl up on the couch with your snuggle bunny. You may miss them when they’re gone.

5. Leave the Door Open. While cuffing season is meant to be short-lived and you should never get your hopes up, there is always the lingering possibility that the relationship can continue. The more you are present and relish each other’s company, the less likely you are to focus on an end date and greater chance you may enjoy a promising future together.  You never know.  One day, your passing cuff may even want to put a ring on it.