Why Manners Monday? Well, considering the latest insanity going on in the world with “Winning!” crazy man Charlie Sheen’s taking over the airwaves, anti-Semite John Galliano’s racist remarks, and Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi’s out of control threats of violence, we are once again at a crossroads and in major need of some help. This trifecta of zero tolerance and rampant incivility is at an all time high and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of recourse or responsibility on the horizon.

Manners Monday is not going to solve the problems of the world anytime soon, but we do hope to shed light on some of the everyday incivilities that people are talking about and that happen to affect us in our daily lives. Jenny Brandt, founder of popular mommy blog Perfectly Disheveled, and I will explore such annoyances as poor cell phone etiquette, parking lot road rage, inappropriate attire for school drop off and so much more! Each Monday we’ll break down a new topic and provide you with quick tips to ensure you are putting your best foot forward and not offending others.

Please feel free to send us your questions, comments or any topics you would like us to cover. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Very best,

Lisa Gache
Founder & CEO
Beverly Hills Manners