Manners – New School Style

We’ve come a long way from the stodgy, old rulebook of etiquette from days past. The iconic images of the prim and proper looking women and men of the 40’s and 50’s have given way to a more modern, sensible and practical image of today. In our frenetic world of sound bites and short attention spans, people are searching for a more tangible and more accessible way to receive information regarding etiquette and manners.
At Beverly Hills Manners™, we offer just that. We are an education and entertainment company that promotes a ‘new school’ style of manners and etiquette to both children and adults. Our approach introduces a new rulebook for social behavior and brings us into the 21st century showing good manners to be spontaneous, natural and fun!!! We are dedicated to re-instilling the spirited, stylish and sophisticated times of Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly into today’s generation who is lost in a world of tight jeans, racy pop songs, celebrity obsession and impersonation.
Don’t be fooled by our zip code. Our programs and classes are offered to anyone interested in learning a few tips and techniques on how to get along more easily and gracefully in today’s chaotic, callous and competitive world. Let’s face it, whether you’re 5 or 95, it is always helpful to know how to make an introduction at a party, shake someone’s hand at a business meeting, give someone a hug at a family gathering, make polite conversation at school or eat properly at a formal dining table. Our ‘new school’ methods help people feel more confident, well-rounded, polite, poised, smart, funny, communicative, honest and comfortable.
Now, let’s be clear about something. We do not by any means profess perfection. Instead, we acknowledge that none of us is capable of being perfectly mannered 24/7. However, we do expect to raise the awareness level to assist our clients in being better parents, children, friends, colleagues, employees, citizens, and so forth.
We have started our own blog to draw more attention to the fact that people are tired of living in a society where lewd, crude and rude is our national motto of behavior. In fact, we have also added a younger voice who will be introduced in the coming weeks to address how teens and college-aged students feel about the subject. So stay tuned to read about more compelling and relevant topics on a bi-weekly basis!


Know someone with amazing manners OR perhaps, not such good ones?
Air your manners compliments or grievances with photos, comments, conversations and questions!
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