You see this beautiful photo of my two smiling girls? This is who it’s all about for me and that’s enough.

On Mother’s Day, the world of mothers seems to be divided into two very distinct camps: (1) those that want to be pampered and honored and waited on hand-and-foot and, (2) those who consider it to be just another regular day and are happy to cook and clean and take care of their families as usual. Alright, maybe not cook and clean, but they seem to be pretty content with handling all of the responsibilities that they normally do with a smile on their face.

Now we’re not making any judgements, the way in which mom chooses to celebrate her big day is completely her prerogative. Maybe she wants to escape for a bit and run off to a movie with a girlfriend or perhaps she just needs to let off a little steam and opts for a hike solo in the mountains. Who knows, maybe dad is out of town on business alot and they kids barely give her the time of day so mom would appreciate a little extra attention on the one day of the year that is dedicated to her, and that is perfectly understandable.

The only trouble I have with Mother’s Day is when a mother jumps on a soap box and demands that everyone drop everything to cater to her every whim as if she’s the only mother on earth celebrating this day. Especially when the children are young, I think it is much more becoming for a mother to be gracious and appreciative rather than demanding.

And this extends to grandmother’s as well! They have had years of being the only mother acknowledged on Mother’s Day, but once the grandchildren are born (and again, especially if they are still young), then grandmothers should take a back seat and let the mothers shine on their big day. In my opinion, grandmothers should be unconditionally grateful, loving and supportive of their daughters in however they wish to celebrate with their families and in return their daughters will undoubtedly shower them with the genuine appreciation and love they deserve.

So for me personally, instead of waking up on Mother’s Day waiting to be served breakfast in bed by my husband and girls, I may ask to sleep in a bit more, but then I will make breakfast for everyone as I typically do on the weekends without feeling resentful. I will open up my handmade gifts and cards from my family and feel totally complete as I know that it is these treasures that are the most meaningful. And, I will relish in the family gathering at a BBQ or dinner out at a restaurant or whatever else we have planned as a celebration because this is pretty much all I need on this day, to be together and know that my family loves me and I love them.

A special shout out to all of the women in my family who are mothers and to all of my friends who are mothers and anyone else out there who is a mother. I honor you on this day for being the incredibly multi-tasking, spatula-wielding, craft-making, CEO-of-the-family-whiz you are every day of the year. A toast to mothers everywhere!!