I started a personal exploration to uncover the perception of perfection to determine whether perfect was even attainable in today’s world and to see if anyone really cared to be perfect!
As a parent and an etiquette instructor, the quest to be perfectly mannered is the biggest problem I face every day. Sometimes I’m afraid to tell people what I do because I think they will judge my every move, check to see if I make a mistake or if I lose my cool. Friends and acquaintances alike are often self-conscious about their manners around me. It must be exhausting for them and I know it’s certainly exhausting for me. In fact, quite often I will say in social situations that I’m turning my ‘off duty’ light on so people can feel free to be themselves and so that I may let my guard down a little and relax and enjoy.
The question then becomes, can we raise polite, considerate, thoughtful children even if they are not perfect, do not come from perfect parents and do not grow up in perfect households? My answer is a definitive yes. At Beverly Hills Manners, we present manners and etiquette in a way that is spontaneous, natural and fun! Our style of teaching admits that being perfect is not only impossible to attain, but also quite boring. We’d rather teach our children to be chameleons who change their colors to fit into any social situation. This is what makes life exciting and pleasurable. We avoid training them to behave like little robots and conform to one way of being, instead we teach children to rely on their own unique strengths and attributes to capitalize on them through etiquette training which, will ultimately lead them to great happiness and success!
In today’s world of two income families and two minute attention spans, who has the time for etiquette perfection and who wants it anyway? Let me know your thoughts! Post your comments below.